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Aupair Germany

Your Aupair family

We carefully select your Au-Pair family because it is the most important detail for the success of your Aupair stay in Germany. 

Usually our Aupair families are part of the middle or upper class in Germany.

Some of them do have more personal, not only an Aupair, basic someone to clean the house.

Many of our host moms are working. Some of them in part time jobs, some in full time jobs.

Most of our host parents do have an important or very important job, like manager or director, offen with responsibility for other employees. 

They are willing and able to pay for their Au-Pair some extras they don´t must have. But they expect a really good Aupair job for it. 

They need really activ Aupairs. Just to sit down and watch tv with the children or let them play their own activities, without interact is not enough to be a special Aupair.  

No phone time is allowed during your work as an Aupair.


Aupair Germany is part of

Au Pair Südamerika Personal Service

known as Latin-Au-Pair
Wilhelm-Hoffstadt-Str. 27
50226 Frechen

member of the international Au-Pair association IAPA

member of the german Au-Pair association Au-pair Society e.V.

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