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Aupair Germany

Aupair pictures

Your Au-Pair pictures must include the following instructions

Body pictures: 5 - 10 pictures of you (body, torso, face)

Family pictures: 5 - 10 pictures of your family

Children: 10 - 20 pictures of you with childs / children
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Don´t send any picture of children without you! You must be part of each picture! 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Don´t send a collage.
Please send all pictures separate so we can select them. 

You have to upload your fotos on youtube. 
For technical risks we don´t open any attached archive you will send. 

Aupair Germany is part of

Au Pair Südamerika Personal Service

known as Latin-Au-Pair
Wilhelm-Hoffstadt-Str. 27
50226 Frechen

member of the international Au-Pair association IAPA

member of the german Au-Pair association Au-pair Society e.V.

Please contact us

contact on whatsapp:

+49-163-30 58 697

phone contact to the office:

+49-2234-20 17 552

e-mail us:

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