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Our Experience

We place Au-Pairs in Germany since 2003 - more than 15 years experience for your success!

You are safe

Aupair Germany is part of the Latin Au Pair agency in Germany. We are member of IAPA and Au-Pair Society e.V.

Our partners

We do have partners all over the world. 
If you feel safer to work with an agency in your own country just let us know about it.

Do you love kids?

If you are fascinated from kids Aupair Germany welcomes you to join us. Come to Germany and meet your new Aupair family. 

We are looking for Aupairs who does have a very good performance in childcare. Our families mainly do not surch for Aupairs to do the house jobs, but for Aupairs who are very qualified to work with children. 

You need a good german knowledge. Based of our experience we know that on of the main parts to had a nice experience as an Aupair in Germany is the knowledge of the language to get in contact with the childs.

If you are a english native speaker feel welcome!
English is very frequently asked by host families who are looking for an Aupair coming to Germany.  

How does Aupair Germany works?

We are a german Au-Pair agency but we can help you everywhere you lives. 
Just answer the following questions, send us your Aupair video from you and make your Aupair pictures.

We will check your Au-Pair application and let you know about your posible Au-Pair family.

We will escort you during all your Aupair stay in Germany. 

We do have more than 15 years of Aupair experience. With our support your Au-Pair stay will be successful. 

Aupair video

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Your benefits

Your Aupair family


Our Aupair families are part of the german middle and upper class. 

They are looking for high qualified Au-Pairs how realy know how to motivate childs. 

In generaly the main part of your work will be to care the children.

Please press the button to know more about your Au-pair family

Your time & money


The Aupair program in Germany is based on several laws. 

As an Au-Pair in Germany you do have 30 hours as an regulary maximum time per week. 

Aupairs in Germany receive 260 Euros as an Au-Pair pocket money.

Please press the button to know more about your aupair time & money

Your german course


Aupairs want to learn the leanguge of their host country. All of our Au-Pair families will pay you a german language course. The knowledge of the german lenguage will provide your Aupair stay, since you will be able to enjoy the Aupair kids.

Please press the button to know more about your aupair german course

Enjoy your stay with Aupair Germany

Love kids and come with us as an Au-Pair to Germany

Children are the best teachers of a language. They don´t get borred.

To be an Aupair in Germany is a responsible task. 

You should have 18 years to take this liability.

You should speak german or english to be a good Aupair and to be able to get in contact with the Aupair family and the Au-Pair children.  

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